Brooke Kelley

Can’t Live Without: Lint Rollers

Favorite Thing to Organize: Paperwork

Friday Night You Can Find Me: Out with Friends

Lover of simplicity and all things organized. I find that having order and giving everything a place in your home creates happiness. I have always had a true passion for taking care of anything and everything I've ever owned-It's an obsession really. My husband is extremely OCD and I could not love him more for it! After completing many of my own projects, I decided it was time to take a hands on approach and put my skills to work to show others the satisfaction that organization and functionality brings. 

Destinee Trent

 Can’t Live Without: Lists

Favorite Thing to Organize: Kitchens

Friday Night You Can Find Me: If I’m not at Gallo Loco, I’m Watching Dateline 

After reading Marie Kondo’s methods of tidying up during late night new born feedings, I implemented her tactics into my growing family’s everyday life. It was then that I realized, it wasn’t a phase, I have a true passion for decluttering and organizing. Finding joy even in the simplest space in my home made me want to help others find the same. With a degree in Marketing, a love for design, and maybe some small obsessive compulsive tendencies, I realized that with these things I can achieve my dream of helping my community find joy in their homes again.